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August 2013 News

News for August 2013

Jambo to everybody

Despite the “normal” seasonal climate, there are still sudden heavy rains affecting Malindi area.The storms arrive very quickly, heavy rains are poured but in a short time the bad weather is over, even if the temperature may be reduced by several degrees.

Based on the local fishermen’s weather forecasts, heavy rains will be affecting Malindi area still for some days but then the weather will become again the one we are used to in this season: warm and nicely windy, giving the tourist the possibility to sunbathe and relax under the sun.

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In order to attract more tourists and to increase the economy, the Government has decided to improve infrastructures and to organize a tender for a new railway, connecting Mombasa to Kampala (Uganda) and maybe also to Addis Abeba (Ethiopia). At the same time a new highway will be built between Mombasa and Lamu, where the second Kenyan harbour is foreseen to be built.

While tourists quietly and peacefully relax in their resorts, there are anyway some strikes on-going in Malindi area. More than one hundred Malindi, Watamu beach boys have also been on strike lately to complain against the decision of KWS to block their entrance on beaches, in order to keep them away from tourists. This decision is also affecting Kenyans owning a shop on the beach; discussions are on-going but tourism is not affected by the strikes

Teachers in Kenya have called off a nationwide strike, ended in mid-July to request, among others, for better salaries and better schools. Some 240,000 primary and secondary school teachers have been striking for more than three weeks for higher pay but also to point out that many schools are kept in real bad conditions and would require some renovations.

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While these strikes are been held, there are locals and tourists who take care of Watamu beautiful environments: at the end of July roughly 200 volunteers have started cleaning the beaches and some areas in Watamu and Malindi. The cleaning day was a real success and the organisers are aiming to perform it more regularly, in the incoming months.

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At the end of July a hippo has been killed by KWS in front of Marine Park in Malindi. It’s the sad story of an African hippo that was taken away from his quiet life in Sabaki river (maybe because of the rains) and forced to the sea. Once here, he  didn’t manage to go back home, due to the strong streams of these days, and KWS were forced to kill him in order to avoid him hurting people.

I took some Italian clients to Amboseli and Tsavo West  in the last week and they were lucky enough to spot some leopards that are known to be very shy and difficult to be seen and many other animals.






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