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May News

May 2014 News

Jambo everyone, here I am again to tell you some news from Watamu area.

The touristic season is nearly at the end, due to the incoming rains; many resorts will close soon after the Easter holiday and few will go throughout the year.

The new high speed road that links Kilifi to Nairobi is proceeding well; thanks to this new road, not passing through Mombasa, it will take only 7 hours to get from Malindi to Nairobi and also Tsavo West and Amboseli parks will be reached more quickly.

There are rumors regarding the possibility that Malindi airport will become an International airport; two airlines, Ethiopian Airways and Emirates, have already said that in case this is confirmed they are interested in setting a new line ending in Malindi. This will help tourism and so let's hope that the government will start soon the new hub creation.

Some interesting health news; the Kenyan bee venom has been found to be very effective in curing some diseases, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. By taking half a teaspoon a day before breakfast it can reduce the joint pains and it's also very effective for skin deseases and for colds. Moreover, according to a study from the Medical Research Center of London it can even cure HIV virus.

And at last some interesting news for tourists: Kilifi Governor has decided that very soon beach boys regularization will be in place; tourists will be more secure and less disturbed while relaxing on our beaches.

Did some few safaris and excursions here are the pics. Man showing Tourists how to climb a palm tree without steps to climb on. And the palm wine how is made or how is tapped.






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