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March 2012 News

March 2012 News

Jambo Friends!

In the last months I've been busy with some personal issues and this is why I haven't written anything lately. Now I am back and sending you an update regarding the latest news from Watamu during the past 3 months. 

Not many tourists have visited us both because of the European financial crisis and worries over the Somalian situation even though Watamu is a very safe place and not too close to the Somalian border. 

Thankfully I had some tourists I took to some safaris in Tsavo East, Tsavo West,  and Amboseli as well as others to Masai Mara.

2 giraffes.jpg 


fever tree.jpg

Now the rainy season will be starting very soon and tourists are once more leaving us but I hope many will come as from July, for the migration period in Masai Mara.

Watamu is very quiet now; hotels are closing down for renovations this week and I have some tourists at the Aquarius Hotel but soon it will be closed as well until July.

Locals come from fishing and women buy the fish to sell it in the villages to make a living ....


while the children play at the roadside.


That's all for now




February 2011

February 2011 News


I took one of my friends called Ryan to 1 day safari to Tsavo East and full day dolphin watching, snorkelling where there were many sea creatures to see and Mida creek with the barbeque. 

sdc10419 (small).jpg

Also did a full day deep sea fishing with the Vuma boat and it was wonderful as you can see from the photos below.

sdc10434 (small).jpg
Took a group of 6 Italian friends from Mawe Resort in Watamu, four of them went 2 days safari to Tsavo East and the other 2 went 3 days safari to Tsavo East and Amboseli. We also went for a full day dolphin watching and Mida Creek.


Also we went to the Orphanage called God Our father Children’s Home in Watamu and distributed some presents to the children and they had a good time.

orphanage sign (small).jpg


Bye for now




September 2010 News

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September 2010 News

Jambo everyone

We went on safari with Ian, Margaret and their son Conor on the 1st of September and had a good time and saw lots of animals. Unfortunately I lost my camera phone the day before so could not take any photos but my friends have let me use theirs until i can get another. Thank you very much to those of you that have allowed me to use your photos for my blog.

While I was away I had another 3 clients from Turtle Bay Hotel. 2 clients went 2 days safari to Tsavo East National Park with Tomas and 1 client went 3 days safari to Tsavo East and Amboseli National Park with another one of my professional guides. They were lucky enough to spot some lions seated near the road side.

lions (small).jpg

Wonderful Grant's Gazelles


The Red Elephant


The Turtle Bay beach is becoming clean again after having big loads of seaweeds which is now being dragged back to sea for turtle food.

The profits from my safaris have finally paid for my windows in my house, the rooms divided for my children and a cement floor.

dsc00397 (small).jpg

I will be enjoying crops from my land especially bananas very soon. Sorry for the poor quality of the photo but I thought you may like to see our bananas


Thank you to everybody for promoting Kingi Safaris and my family it is great for us.


Bye for now




July 2010 News

July 2010 News

Hi everyone

On 26th June I went on 2 days safari  to Tsavo East with 2 clients of Turtle Bay Hotel. We saw a group of lions seated only about 7metres from us.

imgp1048 (small).jpg

dsc00376 (small).jpg

On 29th June I went 3 days safari to Tsavo East and Amboseli with a family from Turtle bay Hotel. We saw the Mt Kilimanjaro very clearly and it was very lovely indeed.

dsc00388 (small).jpg

We also went snorkelling in the marine park and then onto Mida Creek with some tourists of Turtle Bay Hotel and had a barbecue which included lobster, octopus soup, chicken, fish and coconut rice.

dsc00389 (small).jpg

With the Watamu Marine Association helped by the school children we volunteer ourselves in making the beaches clean every week. Removing all the plastic materials from the beach thus making our environment clean. This also gives a room for the sea creatures and nesting turtles.

dsc00398 (small).jpg

dsc00400 (small).jpg

That's all for now.




June 2010 News

June 2010 News

Hi everyone

I went on a great safari with 4 clients which was 3 days in Tsavo East and Amboseli. We had a good view of the Kilimanjaro and stayed overnight at Kibo Safari Camp. 

dsc00347 (small).jpgdsc00346 (small).jpgdsc00350 (small).jpg

If you would like to look at the Kibo Safari Camp you can click here.

There have been storms and strong winds in Watamu this month. Below is Turtle bay Hotel view from the beach. They blocked the strong winds by building the wind breakers.

dsc00356 (small).jpg

Below you can see photos of when we visited the Watamu Bio-Ken Snake Farm. This is the Rhinocerous Viper and the Tiger Snake which is non poisonous.

dsc00361 (small).jpgdsc00359 (small).jpg

You can visit the Watamu Bio-Ken Snake Farm here.

Tomorrow I am going to Mida Creek with four clients so I will have more photos for you to enjoy.

That's all for now.




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