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October 2012

October 2012 News

Hello Everyone!

August and September haven't been very busy compared to last year as less tourists have decided to come to Kenya. Maybe it was because of the Olympic games in London or maybe it's the European crisis... In any case I haven't made many safaris as I thought but still made some pictures for you to see.

The weather has been very nice in the last 2 months; no rains at all and so you could see many children playing happily once their lessons were over.

sdc11926 (small)[1].jpg

 Thanks to the lovely weather conditions, people relax on the beach until sunset immagine 374.jpg

Here is the new Medina Palms Apartments which borders Turtle Bay Hotel and shares the same beach with the Turtle Bay.

 sdc11764 (small).jpg

Definitely it's a nice period to come and see our beautiful country. The temperature is not too much warm and from time to time some rains occur even if this happens the rain doesn't last too much and soon after it has finished you can still sunbathe or enjoy a nice safari.

As you can tell from the following pictures taken lately in Tsavo East and West there are plenty of animals to be seen.

sdc11965 (small)[1].jpg

sdc11981 (small)[1].jpgIn the park

sdc11988 (small)[1].jpg Buffalo

sdc12004 (small)[1].jpg Buffaloes at the water hole

sdc12032 (small)[1].jpg

sdc12040 (small)[1].jpg Lions

 There are also nice highlights to be visited:

466.jpg Lava in Tsavo West


immagine 251.jpgHippo skull at Mzima spring

In the last months my clients have been taken to safaris and excursions either by myself or by my guide Kalama.

tn[1].jpg Kalama, Kingi Safaris Guide

That's all for now

Hope to see you soon in Watamu ….




June 2010 News

June 2010 News

Hi everyone

I went on a great safari with 4 clients which was 3 days in Tsavo East and Amboseli. We had a good view of the Kilimanjaro and stayed overnight at Kibo Safari Camp. 

dsc00347 (small).jpgdsc00346 (small).jpgdsc00350 (small).jpg

If you would like to look at the Kibo Safari Camp you can click here.

There have been storms and strong winds in Watamu this month. Below is Turtle bay Hotel view from the beach. They blocked the strong winds by building the wind breakers.

dsc00356 (small).jpg

Below you can see photos of when we visited the Watamu Bio-Ken Snake Farm. This is the Rhinocerous Viper and the Tiger Snake which is non poisonous.

dsc00361 (small).jpgdsc00359 (small).jpg

You can visit the Watamu Bio-Ken Snake Farm here.

Tomorrow I am going to Mida Creek with four clients so I will have more photos for you to enjoy.

That's all for now.




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