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September and October News

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September and October 2011 News

Hi everyone

I had a quiet September so this will be my September and October blog.

I had bookings from 4 English tourists at Turtle Bay Hotel. I accompanied two tourists for a 2 days safari to Tsavo East and I organised the other two people to fly to the Masai Mara for 3 days with accommodation at the fantastic Governors Camp. It was brilliant for them to see the migration. 

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new 402 (small).jpg

I booked 2 Italian tourists from Garoda Resort in Watamu to go on a 3 day safari to Tsavo East and Amboseli and snorkelling and then a relaxing cruise down the river for lunch at Mida Creek.

sdc11386 (small).jpg

sdc11390 (small).jpg

sdc11397 (small).jpg

The local people do their fishing in the creek as it is calm while the main sea is rough with big waves.

sdc11406 (small).jpg

The solo group of 10 ladies that have booked with me for the last 2 years came back to stay at Turtle Bay Hotel and entrusted me again with their bookings. We went snorkelling and visited Mida Creek with a BBQ and watched the spectacular flamingos. I booked two of the ladies to have 3 days at the Governors Camp in Masai Mara and I also accompanied 6 of the ladies to Tsavo East for 2 days. They had a great time!


sdc11410 (small).jpg

sdc11382 (small).jpg

That's all for now.




August 2011 News

August 2011 News

Jambo everyone

Had a wonderful 2 days safari to Tsavo East with 4 Italian people and 2 English people from Turtle Bay Hotel and had an overnight at Voi Wildlife Lodge.

new 350 (small).jpg

A fantastic 4 days safari with 4 English clients from Turtle Bay Hotel firstly to Tsavo East where we stayed at Voi Wildlife Lodge then onto Tsavo West and stayed at Rhino Valley Camp and in Amboseli we stayed at Kibo Safari Camp with the beautiful view of Mt Kilimanjaro from the swimming pool.

new 458 (small).jpg


I organised for 3 tourists from the Turtle Bay Hotel to fly from Mailindi Airport to the Masai Mara to stay at the Fig Tree Camp. They told me they had a fantastic time which is really good for me to know. 

That’s all for this month.






June 2011 News

June 2011 News

Jambo everyone

Had a wonderful safari with 4 clients from Turtle Bay Hotel to Tsavo East and Amboseli which was very good to see hundreds of wildbeests grazing with a view of Mount Kilimanjaro. We had an overnight at Kibo safari camp.

sdc10893 (small).jpg

sdc10885 (small).jpg

Two days safari to Tsavo East national park with 3 clients from Turtle Bay Hotel. They had a good time and we were lucky to see the lion as we were just about to exit.

Elephants crossing the road
sdc10938 (small).jpg

Verreaux's Eagle Owl

sdc10945 (small).jpg

Black Baked Jackal

sdc10923 (small).jpg

Hell's Kitchen for the sunset with 2 Belgium tourists from Dream of Africa Hotel in Malindi and was amazing to see Baboons with other types of birds.

sdc11008 (small).jpg

sdc11003 (small).jpg

Sunset at Hell's Kitchen

sdc11007 (small).jpg


sdc11004 (small).jpg

On the 24th June we did some beach cleaning and road cleaning as organised by the Watamu Marine Association which was attended by many people to keep Watamu clean.

sdc10994 (small).jpg




March 2011

March 2011 News


Here is my news for March!

1 day safari with French family from Ndovu [Lookea] and they had a wonderful time.

sdc10567 (small).jpg

sdc10553 (small).jpg

I joined as a volunteer to support the village cleaning in Watamu with members of the Watamu Marine Association (W.M.A). They use some of the waste materials to be useful again. The local ladies use the waste papers for making baskets as shown by Jane Spilsbury from the WMA in the pic below. If you go to Watamu please purchase a bag to support the local community. It was a really good day and enjoyed by all.

sdc10675 (small).jpg 

sdc10678 (small).jpg

sdc10679 (small).jpg

I went on a 2 days safari with 3 italian clients from Crystal Bay and 2 american missionaries from Turtle  Bay. We were very luck and spotted lots of animals as you can see in the pics below.

sdc10694 (small).jpg

sdc10688 (small).jpg

sdc10710 (small).jpg

sdc10712 (small).jpg

sdc10683 (small).jpg

 That's all for now.



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