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April 2010 News

April 2010 News

Hello Everyone

The Wildman Triathlon organised by the Turtle Bay Hotel entertained many people this month. Many guests and the village people participated and some won some cheques, air tickets to and fro Nairobi and others 3 days buffet in the Turtle Bay Hotel.




The manager of the Turtle Bay Hotel also participated in the competition which was swimming, cycling and running and did very well.



The Ocean Sports Hotel was closed from 18th to 28th April. The beach is covered by a lot of sea weeds and the sea is very rough with strong currents and the fishing boats are not going out anymore for fishing. Some boats were docked at Captain Andy’s place at the creek for repairs waiting for the other fishing season.


Kingi Safaris is now on Facebook if you would like to join us.





August 2009 News

August 2009 News


The building of the small bridge from Aquarius Hotel to the Lily Palm Beach Hotel is to reduce the harrassment of tourists by the boys who have no associations. It was also built for those tourists who want to be in peace. It has a nice appearance.


Also the building of the new hotel which borders the Mapango restaurant on the beach has a beautiful look.
new hotel

The Watamu beaches are now becoming clean because of the strong currents which bury the seaweeds deep in the sand leaving the beaches clean like the beaches of Turtle Bay and Ocean Sports.

Nowadays at the beach of Ocean Sports are some boys who gives out surfing lessons to tourists at good prices. They have their Flag labelled F on the beach and a board showing the prices.






July 2009 News

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July News

Jambo Everyone!

The Turtle Bay Hotel attracts many tourists because of its renovated buildings and has a very nice look. Its beaches still have some seeweeds but it will clear out when the wind changes its direction.

There is still a beautiful weather for those who need a mild suntan. There are small showers and hot at the moment. The sea is still rough and unclear because of the heavy wind blowing.

The Turtle Watch group sometimes organises some fund raisings or meeting parties in different hotels here to charge the entries and meals to boost the group. Like now there is a Turtle Watch Night on 17th this month at Ocean Sports.

Bye for now



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