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March 2012 News

March 2012 News

Jambo Friends!

In the last months I've been busy with some personal issues and this is why I haven't written anything lately. Now I am back and sending you an update regarding the latest news from Watamu during the past 3 months. 

Not many tourists have visited us both because of the European financial crisis and worries over the Somalian situation even though Watamu is a very safe place and not too close to the Somalian border. 

Thankfully I had some tourists I took to some safaris in Tsavo East, Tsavo West,  and Amboseli as well as others to Masai Mara.

2 giraffes.jpg 


fever tree.jpg

Now the rainy season will be starting very soon and tourists are once more leaving us but I hope many will come as from July, for the migration period in Masai Mara.

Watamu is very quiet now; hotels are closing down for renovations this week and I have some tourists at the Aquarius Hotel but soon it will be closed as well until July.

Locals come from fishing and women buy the fish to sell it in the villages to make a living ....


while the children play at the roadside.


That's all for now




July 2011 News

July 2011 News

Jambo everyone! 

It has been a busy July and I was on safari with many clients. I went for 2 days in Tsavo East National Park with 4 Belgium tourists from Dream of Africa Hotel and 2 English people from Scorpio Villas.

sdc11218 (small).jpg

sdc11206 (small).jpg

We went to the Board Walk and bird hides walking on the suspended bridge like Indiana Jones at Mida Creek and spotted many birds including flamingos. We passed through Gede Ruins and looked at the Museum.

new 665 (small).jpg

new 698 (small).jpgnew 633 (small).jpg

new 668 (small).jpg

new 692 (small).jpg

Took other tourists to the Turtle Hospital in Watamu and saw a turtle with a deformed limb and another suffering from fibropapillomas, which is a tumour in the turtles eye and flippers caused by pollution in the sea which makes it difficult for the turtle to see, eat and swim and eventually dies.

new 703 (small).jpg

new 688 (small).jpg

I organised for 2 English people to go to Lamu Island by air to stay at the Jonathan Hotel for one night, it was great!

Had a wonderful 2 days safari to Tsavo East and staying at Voi Lodge with 3 clients from the Turtle Bay Hotel. On our way back from the hotel we passed through a school where they do the learning under the trees.

sdc11212 (small).jpg

sdc11237 (small).jpg

sdc11243 (small).jpg


sdc11240 (small).jpg

 Bye for now




February 2011

February 2011 News


I took one of my friends called Ryan to 1 day safari to Tsavo East and full day dolphin watching, snorkelling where there were many sea creatures to see and Mida creek with the barbeque. 

sdc10419 (small).jpg

Also did a full day deep sea fishing with the Vuma boat and it was wonderful as you can see from the photos below.

sdc10434 (small).jpg
Took a group of 6 Italian friends from Mawe Resort in Watamu, four of them went 2 days safari to Tsavo East and the other 2 went 3 days safari to Tsavo East and Amboseli. We also went for a full day dolphin watching and Mida Creek.


Also we went to the Orphanage called God Our father Children’s Home in Watamu and distributed some presents to the children and they had a good time.

orphanage sign (small).jpg


Bye for now




August 2010 News

August 2010 Blog

Jambo everyone

I have had a very busy August which has been great as I have met many people who have become freinds. I went with 11 clients from Turtle Bay Hotel to snorkelling and Mida Creek with the barbecue at the Mangroves Island and as you can see the lobster was wonderful. I did share it by the way 

dsc00439 (small).jpg

Mangrove Island

dsc00437 (small).jpg

I went 2 days safari to Tsavo East National Park with 11 clients from Turtle Bay Hotel. We saw many animals today including a cheetah with 3 cubs. We also saw this cheeky monkey taking it easy........

dsc00454 (small).jpg

The lions often stroll across the road in front of excited visitors.
dsc00447 (small).jpg

There was a storm in Watamu 2 weeks ago which did quite a lot of damage both on the beach and in the village. The storm swept away many trees down the beach and did damage at the beach of Turtle Bay.

dsc00429 (small).jpgThe beach shower and many beach umbrellas were swept away by the storm. But everything has been repaired and now back to normal.


This Monday I am going on 3 days safari with some clients of Turtle bay Hotel to Tsavo East and Amboseli National Park so I will try to get some good photos to share with you.

Bye for now





July 2010 News

July 2010 News

Hi everyone

On 26th June I went on 2 days safari  to Tsavo East with 2 clients of Turtle Bay Hotel. We saw a group of lions seated only about 7metres from us.

imgp1048 (small).jpg

dsc00376 (small).jpg

On 29th June I went 3 days safari to Tsavo East and Amboseli with a family from Turtle bay Hotel. We saw the Mt Kilimanjaro very clearly and it was very lovely indeed.

dsc00388 (small).jpg

We also went snorkelling in the marine park and then onto Mida Creek with some tourists of Turtle Bay Hotel and had a barbecue which included lobster, octopus soup, chicken, fish and coconut rice.

dsc00389 (small).jpg

With the Watamu Marine Association helped by the school children we volunteer ourselves in making the beaches clean every week. Removing all the plastic materials from the beach thus making our environment clean. This also gives a room for the sea creatures and nesting turtles.

dsc00398 (small).jpg

dsc00400 (small).jpg

That's all for now.




February 2010 News

February 2010 News

Jambo everyone

We are very happy as we have been very busy this month with lots of clients wishing to do very different things and would like to thank you all for supporting us and the local community.

We went to Gede Forest (or Arabuko Sokoke Forest) with two clients of Turtle Bay Hotel, Caroline and her friend. We passed by the swamp to see the elephants but were already gone, so went up the tree house to see if we can spot them. We managed to spot the Golden Elephant Shrew.

 treehouse (small).jpg

We climbed the boardwalk at Mida Creek.

boardwalk (small).jpg

And went with a canoe inside the mangrove forest to watch some birds and there were many ibises and flamingoes.


We went on a 2 nights and 3 days safari to Tsavo East and West with Solo Group of Turtle Bay Hotel. Sarah, Val, David, Alex and others. The landscaping in Tsavo West, the Mzima Spring and the rhino sanctuary makes the Park to be more attracting. We saw the Big Five animals except rhino.

 lions at tsavo (small).jpg

We went with Roger and Margaret on a 2 days safari to Tsavo East and saw the big five animals. We visited the Masai village which is very interesting.

 masai men.jpg

We also went with Roger and Margaret to dolphin watching, snorkeling and Mida Creek with barbecue. Later we went to Hells Kitchen for sundown which is spectacular and very special.

 hells kitchen sundown (small).jpg

That's all for now.




October 2009 News

News from October 2009


The fallen trees on the beach of the Turtle Bay Hotel gives a nice view of the beach. Also the beach is very clean compared to last month as the seaweeds have been dragged back out to sea. It is starting to look very beautuful again.
trees on tb (small).jpg

I went on a 2 day safari with Greg and his family at Tsavo East National Park and they had a great time. They were very happy to spot the Big Five Animals except rhino. The acommodation was at Voi Lodge which is inside the park.

Elephants at Tsavo

elephant at tsavo (small).jpg

Lions relaxing at Tsavo

lions at tsavo (small).jpg

The new bar near Ocean Sports has now opened and is called the Kalahari.



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