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  • 2008
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Raymond's Blog

I will use this space to add news and photos from Kenya. It will be updated regularly so please visit often.


July 2009 News

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July News

Jambo Everyone!

The Turtle Bay Hotel attracts many tourists because of its renovated buildings and has a very nice look. Its beaches still have some seeweeds but it will clear out when the wind changes its direction.

There is still a beautiful weather for those who need a mild suntan. There are small showers and hot at the moment. The sea is still rough and unclear because of the heavy wind blowing.

The Turtle Watch group sometimes organises some fund raisings or meeting parties in different hotels here to charge the entries and meals to boost the group. Like now there is a Turtle Watch Night on 17th this month at Ocean Sports.

Bye for now




April 2009 News

April News


The Triathlon organised by the Turtle Bay Hotel attracts many competitors and spectators from all over the world. They do the bicycle riding, swimming and running. They compete as individuals and winners are awarded at the end of the competition. A few workers from the hotel join the race. It was very interesting to watch and many people from the village also enjoy watching the competition. It also brings some much needed trade for the local businesses.

The weather here has changed and according to the seasonal change the winter season makes the sea water to be rough with big waves which rise up in an arch and breaks on the seashore. The tourists enjoy themselves using the surf boards by floating themselves on the waves to the show as sports.




March 2009 News

March Blog


The change of wind direction which is marking the end of the summer makes the sea to bring a lot of seaweeds and plastic materials, which makes the beaches dirty for lying and walking. School children and the Beach Boys volunteer themselves by removing all the plastic materials from the beaches and burying the sea weeds.

The Hemmingways fishing competition attracts many fishermen and tourists from all over the world. Its always organised by the Captain Morgan and his friends. They do the tag and release.

The new Eco Camp at Mida Creek in the mangroves forest also makes a good place for the tourists to camp and enjoy the beautiful views of the creek. Flamingoes and many other birds can be seen clearly and producing beautiful colours when flying. It’s a good place for the bird watchers.

Best wishes





January News

January 2009 News

January and February are the hottest months we have here in Kenya. Many tourists enjoy the sunbathing and come out with a brown colour. The tagging and releasing of the sea turtles on the Turtle Bay Beach attracts many tourists for turtle watching. Also they produce spectacular scenery when swimming to the larger waters.

The starting of a Watamu community marine park (which is cheaper compared with the Kenya wildlife marine park) attracts many tourists to look at its huge shells and corals which produce a glittering colour for good snorkeling.

I took Jason and his family on a Mombasa tour and we stopped off at Haller Park to feed the giraffes which everyone enjoyed very much.

ray at haller park.jpg

Best wishes




November News from Watamu

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Jambo everyone

The weather here is very hot with a lot of humidity because of the small showers (rains) of October. Outside, the reef is like a carpet very calm nice season for deep sea fishing and for dolphin watching. They make a spectacular scenery. The dolphins now move close to the reef.

As a result of changing in wind direction (from north to south) a lot of seaweeds have been buried under which makes our beaches brilliant white attracting visitors to enjoy the cool hospitality of the surroundings. You can hardly move without sun glasses and every minute of the walking you make more sun lotions you need.
The opening of the Mapango Restaurant, Amani Hotel close to the Aquarius and the newly constructed building in Hemmingways have also brought new changes which everyone loves to see in Watamu.

The systems of our working have really improved since all the beach associations were brought under one roof and the working regulations now affect all the beaches i.e. uniforms, badges, customer approach. The tourist police, the hotel management and the tour guides (beach boys) relationship is highly improved. No hustle, its a wonder.

Bye for now


November Blog

Posted by Administrator at 2008-11-23 16:35
Hi Raymond, thanks for the news! I love to hear about what is going on in Watamu and I look forward to your December news. Great website by the way :-)

our visit

Posted by Patricia McCabe at 2008-12-20 15:25
Hello Raymond - we are really looking forward to our visit next week!! Can't wait to see Watamu again and catch up with friends. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday bright and early
Jackie and Trisha

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