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Tours from Watamu or Malindi

Local tours from Watamu or Malindi. The programmes below are examples of popular tours but if you wish to custom make your own itinerary we would be more than happy to help you to arrange it.


lamu island

Click here for Lamu Island Itinerary

2 Day trip to Lamu Island

Lamu Island is Kenya's oldest living town and has retained all the charm and character built up over centuries. The island is linked by ferry to Mokowe on the mainland and to Manda Island.

Life is lived at its own relaxed pace, but it’s a place whose history is as mysterious and fascinating as the winding streets of its medieval stone town. The narrow streets remain unchanged and there are no motorised vehicles on the island and the donkey and the dhow are used as the dominant form of transport.

A visit to Lamu is a magical experience and a wonderful place to relax as life slows down and long days are spent strolling along the waterfront, exploring the town or relaxing on the beaches.

gedi ruins

hells kitchen

Click here for the full day itinerary

Full Day trip to Hells Kitchen, Gedi Ruins and Malindi

Gedi Ruins is one of the principal historical monuments on the Coast. Excavations have indicated the 13th century as the time of its foundation. There is a museum with interesting items found on the site.

Hells Kitchen is a depression but the local traditional legend highly believed that there once lived a rich family in the 17th century. The family owned a large farm and livestock while the other families lived in poverty. The rich family didn’t support the local people in any way despite its richness. The rich family used milk from livestock for bathing and washing. This annoyed the Gods and curse extended to the rich family. The Gods punishment was a heavy torrential rain. The local people heard a strange sound in the night and were all surprised to see the rich family had vanished.
The landscape is valued for its sacredness. The people around it go there to pray to the Gods if they have problems e.g rain, disease e.t.c and their problems are solved.



mida creek

mida creek barbecue

Click here for the full day itinerary

Full Day trip snorkelling and Mida Creek

Watamu Marine National Park, established in 1968, is home to coral gardens and over 600 species of fish and other sea creatures which makes it a wonderful place for snorkelling.

Mida Creek, East Africa's largest mangrove creek is one of the most productive mangrove ecosystems on earth.
The mangrove roots provide a rich source of nutrients for the fish, crabs, shrimp and oysters found in this area. These fish and crustaceans then provide the food for Mida's famous bird population and the local villages, completing the food chain.
It is a key stop-over and non-breeding site for migrating birds from Europe, Asia and the Middle East to eastern and southern Africa and therefore provides a wonderful place for bird spotting.


arabuko sokoke forest reserve


clarkes weaver

Click here for the half day itinerary

Half day trip tp Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve and Mida Creek

Arabuko Sokoke Forest reserve is the largest remaining track of indigenous coastal forest remaining in East Africa and contains an unusually high concentration of rare species especially birds (around 240 species) butterflies (around 260 species) and mammals (around 37 species).

The Clarke’s Weaver is found nowhere else in the world and the Sokoke Scops Owl only live here and in Usambara Mountains in Tanzania. 

The east coast akalat, sokoke pipit, spotted ground thrush and amani sunbird are other rarities. As for mammals the adder's duiker, the sokoke bushy tailed mongoose and the wonderful golden-rumped elephant shrew are species largely found here. You may see elephants as well.

bamburi tortoise

 bombolulu cultural centre

 elephant tusks at moi avenue

 fort jesus

Click here for Mombasa full day itinerary

Full day city trip to Mombasa

Bamburi Quarry Nature Trail (Haller Park) is forested and stocked with plants and animals to creates a mini wildlife park containing eland, oryx, buffaloes, hippos, giraffes, bush pigs and various monkeys and birds. There is also a palm nursery, fish farm, crocodile farm, and splendid giant tortoises and reptile pit on the site.

Bombolulu cultural centre (founded in 1969). This is a craft training school and manufacturing center that employs over 260 disabled people, mostly polio victims. Jewellery workshop is the money spinner with hundreds of original designs in metals and local materials (old coins, seeds) now being exported to U.S.A and Europe. There are traditional dances as well.

Fort Jesus is the biggest attraction in the old town and dominates the harbour entrance. It was built in 1593 by the Portuguese and these days it is a museum. The Fort was designed by an Italian architect, Joao Batista Cairato.

The most interesting features today include the Oman House, the museum and the western wall of the fort is probably the most interesting and includes the Oman audience hall and the passage of the arches (passage cut through the coral giving access to the outer part of the fort although it was later blocked off).


fishing for marlin

Kenya’s coast offers some of the world’s best deep-sea fishing. All boats are licensed and equipped with regulatory safety features with superbly maintained fishing tackle, and are manned by the most experienced, friendly, professional crew. Sail fish, Marlin and shark are abundant throughout the season. During August and September, the hard fighting Yellow Fin Tuna are plentiful.
Please ask us about organising a fishing trip for you.


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